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Wanna import our Adenium? To import our Adenium is easy because we are certified as "Controlled Plant Exporter" and "treament" to "Europe" and all over the world by our department of Agriculture (Thailand). Just click here for more details.

Everything you need to know about adenium. Adenium growing is not hard than you think, you can grow them yourself. Just click here to know them more

Eurpean Importer

We would like to announce that we, Siam Adenium co.,ltd is certified as "Controlled Plant Exporter" and "treament" to "Europe" by our department of Agriculture (Thailand). Please see the certificate on the left side show as a Controlled Plant Exporter under the Plant Quarantine ACT B.E.2507 and Amended. That means now you can import our plants to youwith very safe and good conditions. Just have your Plant Import Permit (optional, just check with your plant quarantine services) and we'll deliver the plants to you safe and good condition plants.

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Our New Stars

Super Big White Rosy Adenium

New Inspiring Pink Rosy Adenium with sexy messy white.

The Purest White Rosy Adenium with the Biggest Flower size. Release now!

Audacious Rosy Adenium with Pink Multi-Lines all over white petal layers.

Soften Yellow White Rosy Adenium with great flower forms.

Quadruple Petal Layers with Lotus flower structures.

New World White Rosy Adenium with big flower, great form and special with "Quadruple Overlapping Petals"

Cute Rosy Adenium with splashy pink stripe on white petals.

New World Mangosteen Color

New Sexy Adenium with Messy fresh pink stripe all over white petals.

New World Rosy Adenium with the deepest purple and super blooming.

New World Black Rosy Adenium

New World White Rosy Adenium with Purple Stripe all over petals.

New Super Big Rosy Adenium.

New Super Blooming Yellow Rosy Adenium

Another Super Big Pure White Rosy Adenium

New World White Rosy Adenium with widely deeper red stripe.

New World Rosy Adenium with Stronger Fragrance.

New World Super Rounded Big Red Rosy Adenium with clearer Blue Border.

New World Rosy Ademnium with almost full Black over-lapping petal areas.

New Long Lasting Yellow Rosy Adenium

New World Rosy Adenium with splashy brushed red all over white over-lapping petals.

The Best YELLOW Rosy Adenium of the year

New White Rosy Adenium with curly tiny pink border.

New Rosy Adenium attractive with clearly tiny red stripe all over over-lapping petals.

New World Rosy Adenium with Ice-Cream looks.

New World First Rosy Adenium with SUPER BIG flower size from Quintuple Overlapping Petals.

New World First Rosy Adenium with sexy splashy pink stripes & also spread from center.

New World First Rosy Adenium with Round & Curly Border Overlapping Petals.

New World First Rosy Adenium with Violet Petals decorating with wider & deeper purple border.

New World First Rosy Adenium with tiny pink stripes all over soften pink overlapping petals.

New World First Adenium Release with Ice Cream looks.

New World First Adenium Release with Blue & White border on every overlapping petals.

New World's Rosy Adenium Revolution.

New World Stunning Purple Adenium with "ORCHID" Fragrance.

New World First Rosy Adenium release with Yellow Stronger Frangrance.

New Transparent Yellow Rosy Adenium and Orange border on upper first petals.

New White Rosy Adenium with Tiny Magenta Border all over overlapping-petals.

New Rosy Adenium blooming today with new world colors and looks.

New Rosy Adenium blooming today with new world colors and looks.

New Adenium's Revolution with deeper black Rosy Adenium.

This is our greatest of Black Rosy Adenium with Black & Red on last overlapping petal.

New world adenium trends with aromatic randomly yellow & red adenium mixed up together.

New Baby Green Rosy Adenium with thicker multi-overlapping petals.

New World 2012 Rosy Adenium with splashy deep red on pure white background.

How do we export?

. Please click here to see the steps of our adenium export to you.

2011 Adenium with Single Petal

Not only grafted Adenium' Varieties, we also offer you with medium and large caudex size. They are good for your collection, show room and landscape. You can select adenium flowers on your own from our yearly varieties below and let us graft your flower choices on these medium & large size rootstocks.

"Royal Highness"
New Adenium's Revolution with brlliant ORANGE YELLOW decorating with splash red.
New Spider Web style with dark red all over on white-pink petals
New Adenium looks with 2 new stripe patterns
"Yellow Dazzler"
New Yellow Adenium looks with messy red randomly spread all over petal.

"So Hot!"
Hot with fresh red petal and painting with big deeper red splash all over petal
New adenium flower looks with sweeten multi-lines pink brush and yellow throat.
"Lai Thai"
New Adenium with yellow tone decorating multi-red tiny lines all over petals.
New Adenium color with sexy magenta and super blooming.

"Princess De Monaco"
New Adenium color with blue tone decorating with explosive from throat.
New Adenium with messy looks but so spicy!
New Adenium sexy looks with 2 tones
"The Illusion"
New Adenium with 2 patterns in the same flower, multi-tiny red lines and stripes

"Super Moon"
One of the best yellow adeniums with the most solid yellow in the world, not fade down, even falling.
"Lying Eyes"
New Adenium flower with web pattern.
"Morning Glory"
Sexy Enough?
"Vanilla Ice 2"
New Yellow adenium style with white stripe

Very cute with star style decorating with splash multi-red lines then spread out with tiny red lines
New Adenium Flower's style with 2 styles; big arrogant red splash and multi-tiny lines
New Adenium with mangosteen color and style
"Jingle Bell Rock"
Our new latest Santa Claus style with deeper red surrounding with bigger solid white border

Believe it or not? This is adenium flower
"Stone Leaf"
New Adenium hybrid from leaf mutation. Leaves are tiny, shiny, thicker, fold down and red bones. Now it's 100% stability. Very Extraordinary!
"Queen of Siam"
The World First Adenium Stunning Look and style with spinner messy sexy pink around petal from throat to end of border.
"Siam Pink Perfume"
This is the world first release with COOL FRAGRANCE! and new sexy style of explosive deep pink from throat.

"Russian Berry no.2"
Very sexy and sweet with large fresh red splashy stripe on whitening pink
Very cute with pinky dusty style all over petals also fading down with soften dusty pink around border.
"Siam Jade Dragon"
New adenium variegata with jade leaves mixed with cream color. Leaves are very thick and small, compact branches great for bonsai grafting on large rootstock
The Best Adenium variegata of the year

"Miami Heat"
Very hot sexy with large fresh red splash on white petal and yellow throat inside.
"Miss Hojimin"
New look with 2 attractive styles; Magenta Red stripe plus multi-tiny lines.
"Golden Palace"
100% golden yellow variegata
New look with Tri-Colors and star style

"Fire Down Below"
New Adenium with dusty red style and also big splash red windmill.
"First Bite"
Another new sexy look with sharpen splash dark red on pure white petal and super blooming.
"Honey Bee"
She is so cute with illuminating yellow inside throat then red tiny line to big splash red to end of petal border. She also got super blooming and compact branches, good for bonsai's grafting.
New messy style with 2 styles : sexy red stripe and border on the same flower

New Adenium Mutation with Super Multi-Miniature flowers, 100% stability Pass
"Red Hot Chilli"  
She is so HOT! like chilly 
"Blondie Red"
New arrogant look with clear dark red stripes and multi-tiny lines all over white petal.
"Curly Leaves"
New leaves style with long, deep green, and curly from branch to top. 100% stability

"Siam Golden Land"
New look adenium flower with illuminating golden yellow, solid petal and decorating with red veins.
Very luminous and luxurious sweet pink petal with fresh yellow throat inside also decorating with clear tiny red line and multi-red lines.
"It's so far"
She has new look with very romantic and eternally flattering style. This classic, nude beige will so be your little darling.
New style with sexy pink pentagon petal style decorating with splashing multi-lines spread out from throat

"Siam Golden Silk"
The world first adenium releases with sparkling gold petal. This is the beginning of new adenium developing with the newest gold color.
"Love Touch"
New look just like its blush counterpart with big spreading red out from throat on white petals.
"Siam Durian"
New Yellow Style with Swollen Viens from throat to border.
New Windmill Look with soft pink petal and decorating with twisted splashing red and tiny red to end of boarder.

"Super Star"
New World's first adenium look with new pink star style also decorating with fresh red splashing out from throat and multi-red lines after.
"Beautiful Liar"
This pink multi-lines spread out from throat to end of petal furnishing with same fresh pink border.
"Oh La La"
She looks very enjoyable with both deep and fresh red depending on first and fourth day blooming on white background.
"Siam Yellow Pioneer"
One of our best solid yellow petal with clear red stripe from throat to boarder surrounding with dusty red.

A magosteen peel color hue imparts a honeyed brown kiss of innocence on her petals.
Sensuous. Romantic. Warm and inviting with windmill petal decorating with red stripe and dust around border.
"Maroon Star 2"
She is new version of Maroon Star (2007 Hall of Fame) with deeper purple and spread more all over petals.
"Sweet Revenge"
Very delicious with 3 styles in the same flower; distinct red stripe, soften red border and splashy white throat inside.

"Fall in love again"
She is one of our best Tri-Colors with brighten yellow spread out from throat, splashy red from border and pure white petal.
"All Night Long"
Very sexy blue which make you wanna stay with her all night long. Her flowers are very productive.
New flower characters with main magenta tiny line coming from throat to end of petals and also surrounding with multi-tiny lines.
"Yellow Success"
She is our best yellow now with fresh yellow all over petal area. This is our highest proud of her.

"White Skeleton"
This is our new adenium variegata with the most distinctive white bone on leaves and also variegata on branches.
"Big in Japan"
Superb productive blooming with big spread white from throat and surrounding with big splashy fresh red. She is very good for grafting on large size rootstock.
"When Doves Cry"
Very stunning with new deep blue border switching with dark blue and white around border.
."White Hibicus"
She is the purest white, solid petal (good for grafting with large size rootstock), big, and very productive flower

"Summer Rain"
Real big and round flower. Very attractive with big spread white from the throat and decorating with deep red stripe and border.
"Tokyo Hot"
Very hot attractive with super big spread white from throat and surrounding with big splashy fresh red. Flowers are big and very productive.
"The Ultimate"
Very cute with lovely big pink splash out from the throat and fade down at end of petals. She is also very productive flower.
She is the most sexy of pink of the year and also attractive with big splashy white border.

"Am I Sexy"
Very Sexy with white petal decorating with super splashy red spread from throat to end of petals.
"Red Zebra"
Very unique color of multi-tiny dark red magenta all over petal with white throat inside.
"Bright Fuchsia"
She is very cute and also wonderful with changable color after 3rd day of blooming.
She is kind of arrogant with clearly red stripe surrounding with spread tiny red from throat to end of petal border.

"Afghan Red"
Nice white spread from throat on fresh red round petal surrounding with blue border  
"Chelsea Girls"
Very cute with yellow throat and mini-pink line.
"Cat Fight"
New style with sexy soft pink decorating with multi-tiny fresh pink.  
"True Romance"
The newest sexy magenta with multi-lines pattern.

"Siam Moonlight"
Nice creamy color with sharpen red tiny from throat to end of petal border.
The most cute with splash red on white petals"
"Two Heart"
Very attractive with new changable color or two tone after 3rd day blooming.
"Red Panda"
The biggest splash white border around bright red background

"Fresh Moroccan"
"New red brick color surrounding with black border"
"Sakura No.4"
New Sakura Style with clearer red stripe surrounding multi-tiny red lines.
"Sahara Smile"
New Adenium look with cream yellow like desert sand splash with orange red around border
"Red Hot Chilli"  
She is so HOT! like chilly