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We would like to announce that we, Siam Adenium co.,ltd is certified as "Controlled Plant Exporter" and "treament" to "Europe" by our department of Agriculture (Thailand). Please see the certificate on the left side show as a Controlled Plant Exporter under the Plant Quarantine ACT B.E.2507 and Amended. That means now you can import our plants to youwith very safe and good conditions. Just have your Plant Import Permit (optional, just check with your plant quarantine services) and we'll deliver the plants to you safe and good condition plants.

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Croton (Codiaeum)
The Croton plant comes in many shapes and colors from yellow, orange, red, green and purple-red. New leaves on the Croton plant are green and change color as the they mature. Crotons are a great plant for adding color in whether it is a dish garden, on your porch or in your landscaping. Siam Croton produces many colors and varieties of Croton plants from 3 pots to 10pots. In Thai language , we call them Go-son , deviated from a 100 year old name Gro-Tron which was obviously derived from Croton.

The attractiveness of Croton from Thailand

Though crotons are renowned in amazing capability to produce various leaf types ie. shapes, colors and patterns , Thai people always prefer round leaf croton to any other leaf forms. Hence the ultimate goal for Thai hybridizers is to create a new hybrid bearing largest and most colorful round leaf Croton. Other leaf forms of Thai hybrids are spiral , interrupted (intermittently missing leaf blade) , recurved leaf - leaves curl back on themselves , or amazingly mix of all leaf types . Western hybrids with such leaf types as broad leaf , Oak leaf , narrow leaf etc. seem tasteless for Thai enthusiasts. The trend of Thai Croton hybrids at this moment is shifting from simple round leaf 
to complex leaf Croton . However , the constancy is a must . That means if a new hybrids produce 2 round leaves and then 1 spiral leaf , this sequence must be sustainable. More 

Thai Croton Hybrids Garden Croton (Codiaeum variegatum ;Fam.EUPHORBIACEAE ) is actually not an indigenous species of Thailand . In Thai language , we call them “ Go-son’ , deviated from a 100 year old name “Gro-Tron” which was obviously derived from Croton. The ratio of broad base leaf is more three wideness leaf than leaf length but not over five wideness. Leaf margins are entire or undulate. Leaf tips are acuminate or obtuse. Hastate leaf has three leaf tip and midrib consist of two branch out at left or right sides and two notches. Side tips are acuminate. Middle tip is oblanceolate resemble a leaf maple character. A leaf margin is entir Linear leaf is long and 

Croton with big size and bunch form

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Bare Roots Croton ready for packing

Our products are rooted pot plants , nursery. Propagated by grafting/cutting on special rootstock. Size is 3-6 inches height . Our rootstocks are very strong and healthy so they can help grafting and cutting grow faster after repotting and not die during shipping.

Availability: Up to season. Limit quantity . Send your wishing list and we will check for availability.Minimum order USD 300 (Total).

Roots and some lower leaves will be trimmed when shipped.Plants are fragile and some may 
be damaged while shipping . We will pack them the best we can , but can not take responsibility for loss of plants or damages. So you have to make decision and take a risk by yourself. Shipping cost is the actual cost up to weight. ( in according to Air Freight or Thai Express Mailing service rate depending on country zone). 

Please note : Colors develop by time under 50% sunlight. Small young crotons always look green . Above pictures were taken when plants were mature. To prevent leaf drop , repot asap. , place in shade and cover with clear plastic bag till roots develop. You can request for keep the whole leaves(which consume space and shipping cost) up to you.  

Please E-mail to : for pricing request or more details.

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1. Customer’s clearly written address.
2. Customer’s telephone number or Fax number and E-mail address.
3. Destination airport.
4. Import permit number if any. ***