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European Importer

We would like to announce that we, Siam Adenium co.,ltd is certified as "Controlled Plant Exporter" and "treament" to "Europe" by our department of Agriculture (Thailand). Please see the certificate on the left side show as a Controlled Plant Exporter under the Plant Quarantine ACT B.E.2507 and Amended. That means now you can import our plants to youwith very safe and good conditions. Just have your Plant Import Permit (optional, just check with your plant quarantine services) and we'll deliver the plants to you safe and good condition plants.

New Releases

New World Rosy Adenium with the deepest purple and super blooming.

New World Black Rosy Adenium.

New World White Rosy Adenium with Purple Stripe all over petals.

New Super Big Rosy Adenium.

New Super Blooming Yellow Rosy Adenium

Another Super Big Pure White Rosy Adenium

New World White Rosy Adenium with widely deeper red stripe.

New World Rosy Adenium with Stronger Fragrance.

New World Super Rounded Big Red Rosy Adenium with clearer Blue Border.

New World Rosy Ademnium with almost full Black over-lapping petal areas.

New Yellow Long Lasting Rosy Adenium

New World Rosy Adenium with splashy brushed red all over white over-lapping petals.

The Best YELLOW Rosy Adenium of the year

New White Rosy Adenium with curly tiny pink border.

New Rosy Adenium attractive with clearly tiny red stripe all over over-lapping petals.

New World Rosy Adenium with Ice-Cream looks.

New World First Rosy Adenium with SUPER BIG flower size from Quintuple Overlapping Petals.

New World First Rosy Adenium with sexy splashy pink stripes & also spread from center.

New World First Rosy Adenium with Round & Curly Border Overlapping Petals.

New World First Rosy Adenium with Violet Petals decorating with wider & deeper purple border.

New World First Rosy Adenium with tiny pink stripes all over soften pink overlapping petals.

New World First Adenium Release with Ice Cream looks.

New World First Adenium Release with Blue & White border on every overlapping petals.

New World's Rosy Adenium Revolution.

New World Stunning Purple Adenium with "ORCHID" Fragrance.

New World First Rosy Adenium release with Yellow Stronger Frangrance.

New Transparent Yellow Rosy Adenium and Orange border on upper first petals.

New White Rosy Adenium with Tiny Magenta Border all over overlapping-petals.

New Rosy Adenium blooming today with new world colors and looks.

New Rosy Adenium blooming today with new world colors and looks.

New Adenium's Revolution with deeper black Rosy Adenium.

This is our greatest of Black Rosy Adenium with Black & Red on last overlapping petal.

New world adenium trends with aromatic randomly yellow & red adenium mixed up together.

New Baby Green Rosy Adenium with thicker multi-overlapping petals.

New World 2012 Rosy Adenium with splashy deep red on pure white background.

How do we export?

Please click here to see the steps of our adenium export to you.

Adenium Arabicum

We select 3 Types of Arabicum Hybrids to make Dwarf Arabicums. They are Thai Arabicum: Petch Na Wang, Lop Bu Ri, and Sing Bu Ri. First step, we have to select only healthy and fresh seeds from 3 mentioned hybrids. Second step, we must concentrate with seed sowing step. We use special media including watering control which can help activating their seed growth better and faster and become the best form.

Grade "A" of Dwarf Arabicum PNW Seedling

Third step, after seeds sprout from our specialmedia: 2-3 days, we look after these seedling very strictly by following our raising steps until their age meet 6 months . The best form will be like "Crown" with chubby caudex and make sure stem skin are green. Green stem means seedlings can grow bigger and bigger. Some of them might get shocked on growth if we do not look after them well and closely which make their forms are lost.
This is our new Arabicum Seedling Style aged over 6 months in Dwarf Style. Normally most of Arabicum sowed from seeds will have lengthy branches or stems but we have found the new way to make them stop longer branches and make them to be like this. Stem skin is green which means it can grow bigger and bigger and will be the "Giant Size" with the contest form in the future.

Thai Arabicum: Ra Chi Nee Pan Dok (RCN) or the best of Thai Arabicum is the most difficult hybrid to maintain as Dwarf Form. The reason is that RCN grows naturally as lengthy style and caudex does not grow chubby like others. The most value of Thai Arabicum must be RCN. RCN knew well as the most productive flower of Arabicum. What a nice! if you can see many flowers bloom all with this kind of Dwarf.
Here is another style of Dwarf Arabicum Seedling: Bonsai Form. Please notice 2 things : First, Stem Skin looks very wrinkle, darker and many joints. Dark skin with size like this means it will stop or slow growing but become more and more chubby. Second thing is that it consists of many shorty branches on the chubby caudex. I also really love it because it looks very classical and antique.

The Hybrid easiest to maintain to Dwarf Form is "Petch Na Wang". This hybrid should be good start for Dwarf Arabicum Lovers. Each Arabicum hybrid can also give different Dwarf Form, please see photos below. The Key is to select the best Mother Plant to give the best seedlings followed by their mother plant step. This could save your time for seed sowing.

I have got many questions how to make the Dwarf Form. Today I would like to advise you how to make it. Here below are the tricks:

1. The first key important thing is to select the seeds that can give the Dwarf Form. Mostly I select the PNW or any mixed hybrid with PNW to do this. PNW seedlings can perform as the muscular branches and chubby style.

2. Use fertilizer that consists of higher P and K, keep using less N 3. Try to make the middle stem to be bigger first then make more side branches come up by using the accelerated hormone for root. Please remember...More root, more side branches . I use to try this way with RCN seedlings. You know well mostly RCN seedling is single branch style. After do this.. I can make it as Multi-branch RCN.

This is Dwarf Form sowed from PNW seed harvested from mother plant and maintained for 1 year.
4. Try to circle the pot every week to let all branch sides get the sunlight equally or if some side branches are too lengthy, put them in the opposite direction of sunlight.

5. Put the granular fertilizer that consists of N,P,K, and additional nutrients like Ca, Br, Zn, Mn, Mg, etc around the pot border to attract the root wide spread. This also can help caudex bigger.

Bare Roots, no soil, ready to export

These are results after using the Natural Organic Fertilizer. This can help making more root (Pic1), branches (pic2) and expand root base (pic 3). For more detail, please follow this link.

We totally guarrantee that you will get the TRUE hybrid seedlings because all of them are grown from seeds harvested from our 1st original Mother Plants. We sell as 3 grades of seedling followed by form, hybrid, and caudex size. Now we have Grade A, B, and C. Below are the steps of seedling-shipping.

We guarranteed that all of our seedlings are TRUE hybrid sown from seeds harvested from our 1st original mother plants so you will be sure with purchasing our seedlings.

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