"The Biggest Adenium's Revolution with new forms"

Hi Adenium Lovers;

In this year, we have produced Adenium flowers with multi-overlapped petals or we called “Rosy Adeniums. This is the biggest revolution of this year not only with Rosy Adeniums but also Adenium form. I have got many questions from Adenium players from many countries how to choose the nice Adenium seedlings to grow or maintain them with better form. Adenium seedlings in my mention is Adenium : Thai Socotranum, Arabicum and mixed hybrid : Thai Socotranum x Arabicum. Long time ago, most of players only concerned with what hybrids can grow in good form. This would 

also have a big problem with new players because they are not familiar with Adenium hybrids or characters so they hardly decide and select what hybrids will be able to grow in good form. This will come up with the next question “What is Adenium with good form gonna be?”. About 3 years ago, players here were so serious about true hybrids, not even think much about form because they are very serious to get seedlings grown from true mother plant only. Two years later, Bonsai begins into Adenium especially with Adenium : Thai Socotranum. Players or growers start applying Bonsai’s technique with Adenium : Thai Socotranum. Actually, Bonsai has come to Thailand for many years ago but mostly using with Adenium Obesum : Thai Root Stocks grafted with flower varieties. Last year, Adenium : Thai Socotranum was very popular because they can grow in Bonsai form ,in term of seedling, much more than other Adenium hybrids. Why can they be Bonsai form? The reason is her characters are bushy or symmetric branches, antique caudex skin or wrinkle skin and especially with spread root easy to organize them as Bonsai. All of these factors can make them become Adenium Bonsai Seedlings.
Until now, players do not care much about hybrids but care for form following with Bonsai Class. Not only old players but many new players have also changed the way to grow in term of form instead of hybrids focusing. Now let’s get back to our topic, “how we select nice Adenium seedlings?” My recommendation is the form selection. There are mainly 3 forms below that I would like to recommend to new players. All of these forms are followed with Bonsai Form. Here they are…

1. Bonsai Form with spread muscular root, Dwarf form, antique caudex skin and symmetric branches style: This characters is mostly originally developed from mixed hybrid between Thai Socotranum and Arabicum.

2. Bonsai Form with spread centipede root, antique skin and bushy branches : This Adenium is developed from Thai Socotranum with dwarf form.

3. Bonsai Form with spread root, antique skin and symmetric branches. This Adenium is developed from Thai Socotranum : Golden Crown. I think you just focus on only 3 forms above, this can help you easier select what Adenium seedling you can get. You can see more information from this link. Have a nice weekend.