How do we do Handed-Cross Pollination?

1. Select the flower bloom in 2nd day

2. Tear a couple of petals

3. Use the ear stick to open the stigma

4. Draw the ear stick up to let you
see the pollen inside clearer.

5. Now you will see the pollen on the
top of stigma

6. Then use small brush to draw them up

7. Now the pollen will be on the top of
your small brush. Your brush should be
a little bit wet in order to absorb the
pollen better especially on top of it.

8. Then draw them up slightly on the
side of partel, not on the top, because
of the reproduction point is side area.
This step must be done carefully.

9. After finish the 8th step, close them
back with petals in order to protect dew.

10. Wire this with small wire to remember
which branches we do crossing.