"Dusty Adenium"

Our first Adenium with dusty style originally released on year 2008
Hello friends;

Last time, I shared the idea how to make Blue and Yellow Adenium flowers. Today I would like to share another idea of making a new trend of Adenium flower with dusty style on Orange Multi-Overlapping petals. Most of Adeniums we see are plain color, border, stripe, and splash. It’s hardly to find the “Dusty or Multi-Tiny spots Characters” so we need to change the way of crossing from “Back Crossing” to “Double Crossing with different parents”. This method will help you to produce new variety not only still have some mother’s characters but also create some newer characters show up in next crossing’s generation. Our first Adenium with dusty flower was called “Diamond Dust” released on year of 2008. She came from “Adenium Crispum” developing. Her flower mostly has a couple clear red stripes from throat to end of petal. There is also some small area of tiny spots or dust besides the stripe area. This was our start to produce this dusty character. We need to make this spot area to spread more and clearer to become with better dusty style.
On mid-year of 2007, I liked to produce the new Adenium with yellow-orange. “The Peach” was our answer because she was the first release on year of 2007 with yellow-orange petal. We made the crossing between “Diamond Dust” as Mother and “The Peach” as Father (Pollen) and the result was “Tom Yum Kung” released on 2008. I found that “Tom Yum Kung” has better orange but unfortunately she didn’t have any spots or dust style. We didn’t disappoint because we
always thought the specific characters from mother could be shown on the second generation from crossing again. This was the most exciting part with Adenium’s developing. On ending of 2008, we started developing new multi-overlapping Adenium or we called “Rosy Adenium”. Our first release of Rosy Adenium on that time was “Petch Chom Poo” came from crossing between “Diamond Dust” and “Rosy Adenium : Dox Xon” (Originally found by my good friend, Mr. Khuong, from Vietnam). This time, I was pretty lucky from that crossing because“Petch Chom Poo” had many spots or dust area on her overlapping petal. Adenium flower with Orange petal is one of my future dreaming colors like blue, pure yellow, cream, etc. On ending of 2008, the Rosy Adenium started getting popular so we liked to produce new trend like orange color on it. We
made crossing again but that time I used “Tom Yum Kung” as mother and “Petch Chom Poo” as Father (pollen). The reason that I used “Petch Chom Poo” instead of “Dox Xon” because we didn’t care about her flower form from “Tom Yum Kung”, we did care with the dusty area on her orange petal. The result from that crossing was pretty different from mother, her flower has double overlapping petals with white petal absolutely different from mother) and decorating with soften multi-tiny magenta stripe like Orchid style but no spots or dust again and we gave her a name with “Captiva”. I was also very happy with this even no dusts or spots on her petal because her flower has newer style with orchid like. My goal set on that time
was “New Rosy Adenium with orange petal and dusty style. This would be the new innovation and biggest revolution in Adenium’s world. I started crossing again with “Tom Yum Kung” as mother and Rosy Adenium: “Captiva” as father (pollen) on the beginning of 2010. Now this time is success. The result is new Rosy Adenium with soft orange petal and decorating with orange dusty and stripe like orchid, I gave her name as “Masai”. I was very happy with this work because she was the newest style and color never happened in Adenium world before. As I told you, this is very exciting thing on Adenium because sometimes new flowers from crossing might not show the mother’s characters as you wish but they can show or display in next crossing’s generation. To produce nice Adenium flower is very simple. There are only 2 things to concern; technique of color mixing, flowers matching (parents) in term of characters or form & productive flowers and crossing pollination. Last important thing, don’ forget to test the flower’s stability again to make sure new flower is the same characters. Please don’t give up on your work even not get new flower as you wish. Ok, I think that’s all for today, I hope you enjoy growing Adenium and have a nice weekend. 

This is our success with lovely dusty style and decorating with stripe creamy orange.