Fun with Form Part 4 "Beauty with Knife"

This adenium is Arabicum : Dwarf RCN in bareroot shipped to a friend of mine from Indonesia and let's see how he worked on this adenium.
Hello friends;

Today I would like to share the technique on how to fix adenium seedling with longer, disorder and not symmetric branches to become better following with bonsai style. I use the pruning technique and bonsai concept to do this. Most of growers or players know well about pruning but how we prune to make plants get more attractive. First, you’ve gotta know why we need to prune adeniums. When growing Adenium seedling to become bonsai characters, the key to success is pruning. In this article, we will discuss how to prune Adenium so you can have an amazing one. Keep in mind that different species of adeniums are suitable for different styles so learning how to prune adenium the right way is essential not just to appearance but to the overall health of the adenium. What you will find is that function and form
walk a fine line when it comes to bonsai, requiring a perfect balance of science of growth and art, something that takes time to learn. We have 3 different kinds of pruning techniques.  

1. To improve or modify plant body’s shape to become better form or wanna big change from original form to another one, this method we always need to have most cut close to caudex.  

2. To adjust some branches to be able to make much more order or more branches in order to correct some defect angles. This way we just give them a little pruning.  

3. To boost new branch babies or new blooming. You can prune their branches deeply or shorten and also give flower’s fertilizer at the same time to speed up flowers. When new branches come up, they will give full blooming.
As you can see, how to prune your adenium is not a complicated subject but it is a necessary one. You have to prune your adenium means of maintaining the correct shape of adenium, while encouraging new growth. What you will discover is that some adeniums respond naturally and very well to pruning while others have a hard time recovering. Again, the key is to prune only in the right season for the type of adeniums you have. Pruning’s objective with Adenium Obesum is to make more flowers and bushy form but doing on Arabicum and Thai Socotranum are different mostly focused on form. I hope you this pruning technique will make you get more fun with adenium's growing. Have a nice day.

Repot and give traning on her branches

Her branches are getting symmetric
or in good shape

Start pruning to make more branches and get rid of longer or unwanted branches

Give her training again including with
new coming branches

Getting better branch form and more bushy

and she looks the best now, but just
keep pruning