"Messy Looks" - New World Adenium Trends
We are one of the world's leading adenium breeder, we have developed and worked hard on adenium to make new world adenium's revolution for emerging consumer trends, insights and innovations. This year, we have focused on producing adenium with messy patterns. This pattern is long lasting attraction unlike old looks e.g. border, stripe, plain colors… We have spent time for 3 years to work and test the stability of this pattern and now it has been totally completely stable. Let’s see our works here and hope you will love them.
Some of our works
"Siam Sundaes"
New World First Adenium Release with Ice Cream looks.
"Snow Flake"
The New World Rosy Adenium with Ice Baby looks
"Siam Eternal Flame"
The Adenium World Stunning with Red & Yellow overlapping petal first release in the world
"Marilyn Monroe"
Rosy Adenium's Revolution with new sexy messy pink look on white triple-overlapping petals
"Siam Flame"
New Rosy Adenium's revolution with Flammable looks!
The new revolution of Adenium looks with messy white splash on deep red petal. 100% Stability test pass.
"The Heat is on"
One of our proud Rosy Adeniums with white dotty style on fresh red petal. She is 100% stability
"Rouge in Love"
New world adenium trends with aromatic randomly yellow & red adenium mixed up together
"Lasting Kiss"
The new world trend of Adenium.
"Buff Silk"
New 2012 Adenium's Revolution with new world looks.
"Silver Bullet"
New World Adenium looks with glossy silver multi-lines all over magenta petals.
"Lucent Nude"
This is new century of Adenium with messy red looks.
"Sienna Ultime"
New World 2012 Adenium with splashy red from center.
"Flaming Kiss"
New world adenium with flammable looks.
"Siam Splendor"
The new century of Adenium with sexy messy styles and tri-colors petals.
"Flaming Lips"
New World Adenium with Flammmable Looks