"New World Adenium Flowers in your hands"
There are 4 key things to make new world Adenium.

1. Great Parents (Mother & Father) in your hands especially with single adenium petal. This is a key to success.
2. Crossing pollination's knowledge. This is very simple. You can see how we do from this link.
3. Imagination on crossing outcome. This is up to your mindset or goal.
4. "LUCK" , this is beyond limits. Now let's rock! and now Adenium is in your hands.
This is the first experiment of our crossing work. Our objective is to make yellow Rosy Adenium following with single petal mother characters, bigger flower, and stripe from throat. These additional characters must come from father or pollen use. Just click the image above to enlarge the diagram.

Our objective is to make new Rosy Adenium with messy pink & white and better flower form from mother. Our mother flower form is not so beautiful enough so we need to help her with father having great flower form. I was pretty happy with this crossing outcome.
This work is pretty normal. My objective is just wanna make deeper yellow Rosy Adenium decorating with red stripe and make flower bigger than mother itself.

I must say this work came from totally "LUCK". I didn't think the crossing outcome would be like this. I just wanna make the mother with just better petals form, bigger flower and keep new characters like old mother. This was beyond of our thought. Just thought about hidden gene from grand parents. I was really happy with this.