The Secret of making "Rosy Adenium"

New development with Pure White Rosy Adenium, big and very productive flowers.
Hello friends;

I have got many questions from Adenium lovers about how to produce Adenium comes up with Triple Multi-Overlapping petals (Rosy Adenium or Rose without thorns) or more. As I said, the original or first Rosy Adenium came from Vietnam and she was accidentally discovered by my Vietnamese friend, Mr. Khuong 3 years ago. She was given name as "Dox Xon". She has double overlapping petals with fresh red petal. This was the first starting point for me to start developing Rosy Adeniums with colorful varieties and styles. Here was my technique to produce Triple Overlapping Petals or more. Please see the steps as below:
1. Producing nice single petal being used as mother First, you need to think or imagine what your Rosy Adenium is gonna look like referred by single petal or mother’s characters. From my experiences, the characters of Rosy Adenium will mainly tend to “Single Petal” or Mother if you use Rosy Adenium “Dox Xon” as father or her pollen. That’s because she is pretty pure Adenium Obesum hybrid, not Crispum or Somalense, very stable and not impact to mother’s characters while making cross pollination. Father can give the characters of multi-overlapping petals after crossing. You can see how I do Adenium’s crossing from this link.
Point of Fun The most important thing is how nice or beauty of mother or single petal you have in your hands. This’s why I like to develop many new styles of single petal first and use them to develop new Rosy Adenium later. There are 3 main criteria to choose single petal or mother are flower form, flower’s productivity, and color or style. The crossing process will take about 2 months until you get seeds to grow. After sowing them, you will see the new flower bloom around one year. You can see our new 2010 Adenium single petal from this link; we have over 70 varieties release now. To produce Rosy Adenium is very easy now; you can produce many styles and characters depending on your single petal in your pocket. This could be your “Point of Fun”

Very productive flowers

New Yellow + stronger petal

New star style

New Red Blue petal

Pink Orange + clear stripes

Big spread white throat

Spin multi-red line

New classical red tone

New Flower Form

Another new brown

Another new brown

Our latest Aroma Adenium
2. Double Crossing’s Technique As above, the best Rosy Adenium using as father or pollen is “Dox Xon” because her own stability made father’s flower characters less change. Here is what I produce triple or more overlapping petals and I called this “Double Crossing’s Technique”. After getting nice single petal on my own wish then I need to produce the double overlapping petal on her by crossing her with Rosy Adenium: ” Dox Xon” then she will come up with new Rosy Adenium much look like mother’s flowers characters but mostly double overlapping petals. After that make 2nd crossing on her again with “Dox Xon”, then you will get “Triple Multi-Overlapping” petals. From my experiment, I have found that only 15% with new Rosy Adenium like mother, 50% Rosy Adenium but red like Dox Xon or father, and the rest are single petals. Please see the diagram below to get more understanding.

Our new sexy and big yellow tone
Rootstock condition is one of the important factors; we use the “organic fertilizer”, not use the chemical fertilizer to boost the caudex size, to grow rootstock naturally. Using chemical not only boost caudex grow faster and bigger, it will impact to flower colors and characters and the risk is rootstocks will get rotten easier during delivery and repotting. You can see the Rosy Adenium’s producing is very easy. You just select the nice or beauty of single petal and follow the steps above. There will be many things to know about Adenium and have fun with developing them. Now we can make Adenium flowers like Rose, which without thorns but nice caudex and roots. One thing that they don’t have is “fragrance”. Fortunately, we have fragrant on single petal and now we start crossing this with Rosy Adenium. We hope in next year, we can have new Rosy Adenium come up with fragrant. I think that’s all for today, please feel free to email me to ask or comment about Adenium, Enjoy growing Adenium and have a nice day.

The first yellow Rosy Adenium with the most round shape form

Our big rootstocks, aged 7-10 years, are used to test the flowers ' stability before grafting to small rootstocks for commecial sales.