Road to "Yellow Adenium"

Our new Yellow Adenium with single petal
Hi Friends;

Adenium obesum, called chuan chom in Thai, has been grown in Thailand for decades, but the introduction of other adenium species into the country in recent years has resulted in intensive breeding and cross-breeding that produced hundreds of spectacular hybrids. Although the flowers of Adenium obesum are beautiful in their own right pale pink with deep red petal margins and fading to near white towards the throat they now pale in comparison with the flowers of the new hybrids, which range in color from white, pink, red, magenta and purple to multi-color. Several hybrids have almost white flowers when they first open, then gradually develop a pink to red flush. Some have flowers in pastel color with dark borders; others have a dark-colored flower with light borders. Some have throats that are dark colored, while others have throats that range from white or cream to yellow or pastel green. While most have single petals, there are now also doubles.
Particulars desert blooming yellow flowers is our future dreams. Yellow is the fantastic color especially with breeder’ dreams. Of course to make Adenium with solid yellow petal is very difficult because genetic which makes yellow petals in Adenium is partly hidden mostly occur only in throat area and also especially on white flowers. Two years ago we tried to develop yellow adenium flowers by using white flower with yellow inside throat but yellow is not solid, not enough spread more from throat and stable yet e.g. petal half yellow, whiter on the throat. On year 2008, we released yellow flower named as “Vanilla Ice”. She was one of our best yellow tone and also hall of fame in 2008 but still having less white around border. We spent one more year to develop her again

"Vanilla Ice"-Our first release yellow tone on year of 2007

"Golden Siam" - Yellow tone wiith red stripe
and came up with new lovely yellow style decorating with some red stripe. We gave her name as “Golden Siam”. Unfortunately, the white in the throat spread more than “Vanilla Ice”. We were very disappointed at that time but we  did not give up. Why didn’t we give up? We always think about Back Cross Pollination. Anything can happen with this method. We tried this experiment again by doing back crossing between “Golden Siam “as father (pollen) and “Vanilla Ice” (Mother). We have got new variety named as “Yellow Dream Comes True” on the ending of 2009. She looks better with much more yellow area but there is some white spot in petals. On Mid-Year of 2010, we tried to do back cross again, but this time we used “Yellow Dream Comes True” as father and back
cross with “Vanilla Ice” as mother. Now we have got pretty stable yellow petal. This means there is more solid yellow all petal spread around through the throat. 
Our Yellow Adenium with single petal
Yellow Adenium with overlapping petals (Rosy Adenium)