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European Importer

We would like to announce that we, Siam Adenium co.,ltd is certified as "Controlled Plant Exporter" and "treament" to "Europe" by our department of Agriculture (Thailand). Please see the certificate on the left side show as a Controlled Plant Exporter under the Plant Quarantine ACT B.E.2507 and Amended. That means now you can import our plants to youwith very safe and good conditions. Just have your Plant Import Permit (optional, just check with your plant quarantine services) and we'll deliver the plants to you safe and good condition plants.

New Releases

New World Rosy Adenium with the deepest purple and super blooming.

New World Black Rosy Adenium.

New World White Rosy Adenium with Purple Stripe all over petals.

New Super Big Rosy Adenium.

New Super Blooming Yellow Rosy Adenium

Another Super Big Pure White Rosy Adenium

New World White Rosy Adenium with widely deeper red stripe.

New World Rosy Adenium with Stronger Fragrance.

New World Super Rounded Big Red Rosy Adenium with clearer Blue Border.

New World Rosy Ademnium with almost full Black over-lapping petal areas.

New Yellow Long Lasting Rosy Adenium

New World Rosy Adenium with splashy brushed red all over white over-lapping petals.

The Best YELLOW Rosy Adenium of the year

New White Rosy Adenium with curly tiny pink border.

New Rosy Adenium attractive with clearly tiny red stripe all over over-lapping petals.

New World Rosy Adenium with Ice-Cream looks.

New World First Rosy Adenium with SUPER BIG flower size from Quintuple Overlapping Petals.

New World First Rosy Adenium with sexy splashy pink stripes & also spread from center.

New World First Rosy Adenium with Round & Curly Border Overlapping Petals.

New World First Rosy Adenium with Violet Petals decorating with wider & deeper purple border.

New World First Rosy Adenium with tiny pink stripes all over soften pink overlapping petals.

New World First Adenium Release with Ice Cream looks.

New World First Adenium Release with Blue & White border on every overlapping petals.

New World's Rosy Adenium Revolution.

New World Stunning Purple Adenium with "ORCHID" Fragrance.

New World First Rosy Adenium release with Yellow Stronger Frangrance.

New Transparent Yellow Rosy Adenium and Orange border on upper first petals.

New White Rosy Adenium with Tiny Magenta Border all over overlapping-petals.

New Rosy Adenium blooming today with new world colors and looks.

New Rosy Adenium blooming today with new world colors and looks.

New Adenium's Revolution with deeper black Rosy Adenium.

This is our greatest of Black Rosy Adenium with Black & Red on last overlapping petal.

New world adenium trends with aromatic randomly yellow & red adenium mixed up together.

New Baby Green Rosy Adenium with thicker multi-overlapping petals.

New World 2012 Rosy Adenium with splashy deep red on pure white background.

How do we export?

Please click here to see the steps of our adenium export to you.

Colorful Flowers on Adenium "Arabicum"

Hello friends,

Today I would like to share the new trend of grafting Adenium Obesum on Adenium Arabicum. Most of colorful flowers originally came from Adenium Obesum, unlike Adenium Arabicum mostly give only soft or deep pink flower. Adenium Arabicum has unique style especially on big trunk caudex, chubby, and some species can perform nice spread root base unlike Adenium Obesum. Some Arabicum species have black or antique caudex skin like Adenium Thai Socotranum. This’s why we can grow and maintain Arabicum to become bonsai form popular in Adenium players and collectors. Most adenium lovers know adenium in terms of caudex and nice color flowers when full blooming. That means they care for attractive flower
Fancy Rosy Adenium grafting on Adenium Arabicum rootstock, 14 inches caudex diameter, aged 3 years, grows in Bonsai Pot.

for easier selling. Bonsai's trend on Adenium seedling came here 5 years ago but most players focused on growing Arabicum or Thai Socotranum. Most nursery here grow on Adenium Obesum or Adenium Arabicum seperately because nursery’ owners are afraid of they will mess up crossing together and the important thing is that Obesum (colorful flowers) is easier to sell to market. Arabicum and Thai Socotranum are mostly sell to a group of bonsai players or collectors. That’s why obesum growers or gardeners here use Obesum as rootstocks. They also believed that grafting on same scions from mother plant and rootstocks will give flower’s stability and productive flower like mother plant when grafting on obesum rootstock.
Can we graft Obesum on Arabicum even they are different species?
This is true! I have tried many times to graft by using obesum scions graft on Arabicum and Thai Socotranum as rootstocks and everything is the same as obesum mother plant in terms of productive flowers and stability. One different thing is the grafting area on Arabicum branches and scions from obesum takes a little bit more time to link but they will have perfectly smooth link better than Obesum grafting on obesum itself in longer time. That means from now on you can play adenium as Bonsai form comes up with

Grafting Rosy Adenium (obesum) on Arabicum as rootstock, you can see flowers are very productive like grafting on Obesum as rootstock.
nice colorful flowers. Luckily, Arabicum branches can link very well and faster with Rosy Adenium or Multi-overlapping petals from Obesum than other obesum single flowers. From my experiences, I have found that it takes about 10 days for grafting. You can notice or check scions and branches completely link together from seeing new small leaves coming out from top of scions or having new incoming buds. I always cut or remove leaves from scions because this will reduce dehydration on scion’ leaves and make scions can absorb more food from rootstock in order scions not to be wrinkle or die before grafting. Another new grafting style is called "Fancy Grafting". It means grafting many flower varieties or multi-colors on the same rootstock.

"Fancy Grafting" is also very popular with more colorful flowers in the same plant. Now colorful medium or large adenium sizes are very popular now especially for landscape business, resorts, gardens, parks. It's a little bit harder to make grafting on Arabicum rootstock because their branches are softer than obesum. You need to graft them very carefully and make sure your obesum scions are not too young. Normally you should use minimum 2-3 years Arabicum rootstock
Fancy or Multi-Colors Grafting on Arabicum Rootstock.

because the branch will connect with scions faster and hard to rotten after grafting. After finish grafting you should put your grafted adenium in the shade or 60% slant for 7-10 days then you will see new baby leaves or bud coming out from scion as I mentioned before. You should not watering during that time because rootstock will feel that it has enough water or food and it won't send food full efficiency to scions. This would be make scions wrinkle or rotten. Before grafting, you should also stop watering on both of rootstock and

Rosy Adenium Scions grafting with Araicum rootstock.
scion for a week. This will make scions and rootstock branches feel very hungry and make them connect faster. We have 3 kinds of rootstock (Round shaped Obesum, Root show or Thai Rootstock, and Arabicum bonsai rootstocks for your selections. We also provide you with many adenium flowers to graft with them both of Rosy Adenium and single adenium flowers. You can select what adenium flowers you like and rootstock types then we will make grafting for you.

You can see more information on our medium and large adenium caudex from this link. That's all for today and enjoy adenium growing. Take care and have a nice day.