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European Importer

We would like to announce that we, Siam Adenium co.,ltd is certified as "Controlled Plant Exporter" and "treament" to "Europe" by our department of Agriculture (Thailand). Please see the certificate on the left side show as a Controlled Plant Exporter under the Plant Quarantine ACT B.E.2507 and Amended. That means now you can import our plants to youwith very safe and good conditions. Just have your Plant Import Permit (optional, just check with your plant quarantine services) and we'll deliver the plants to you safe and good condition plants.

New Releases

New World Rosy Adenium with the deepest purple and super blooming.

New World Black Rosy Adenium.

New World White Rosy Adenium with Purple Stripe all over petals.

New Super Big Rosy Adenium.

New Super Blooming Yellow Rosy Adenium

Another Super Big Pure White Rosy Adenium

New World White Rosy Adenium with widely deeper red stripe.

New World Rosy Adenium with Stronger Fragrance.

New World Super Rounded Big Red Rosy Adenium with clearer Blue Border.

New World Rosy Ademnium with almost full Black over-lapping petal areas.

New Yellow Long Lasting Rosy Adenium

New World Rosy Adenium with splashy brushed red all over white over-lapping petals.

The Best YELLOW Rosy Adenium of the year

New White Rosy Adenium with curly tiny pink border.

New Rosy Adenium attractive with clearly tiny red stripe all over over-lapping petals.

New World Rosy Adenium with Ice-Cream looks.

New World First Rosy Adenium with SUPER BIG flower size from Quintuple Overlapping Petals.

New World First Rosy Adenium with sexy splashy pink stripes & also spread from center.

New World First Rosy Adenium with Round & Curly Border Overlapping Petals.

New World First Rosy Adenium with Violet Petals decorating with wider & deeper purple border.

New World First Rosy Adenium with tiny pink stripes all over soften pink overlapping petals.

New World First Adenium Release with Ice Cream looks.

New World First Adenium Release with Blue & White border on every overlapping petals.

New World's Rosy Adenium Revolution.

New World Stunning Purple Adenium with "ORCHID" Fragrance.

New World First Rosy Adenium release with Yellow Stronger Frangrance.

New Transparent Yellow Rosy Adenium and Orange border on upper first petals.

New White Rosy Adenium with Tiny Magenta Border all over overlapping-petals.

New Rosy Adenium blooming today with new world colors and looks.

New Rosy Adenium blooming today with new world colors and looks.

New Adenium's Revolution with deeper black Rosy Adenium.

This is our greatest of Black Rosy Adenium with Black & Red on last overlapping petal.

New world adenium trends with aromatic randomly yellow & red adenium mixed up together.

New Baby Green Rosy Adenium with thicker multi-overlapping petals.

New World 2012 Rosy Adenium with splashy deep red on pure white background.

How do we export?

Please click here to see the steps of our adenium export to you.

"World Adenium" - The Color of Dream

Hello friends;

Today I would like to share the idea of how to make nice Adenium flowers including “Rosy Adenium” (Multi-Overlapping petals) being popular now. To make beautiful Adenium flowers is very easy. First, you need to know its flower structure and hand cross pollination technique. I have explained this crossing technique so you can follow this link if you are amateur or new breeder. Crossing Adenium is very simple but the hardest part is how to choose or select flowers to be used as parents.

I’ve started crossing Adenium since 2005 and come up with only 20-30 beautiful varieties. Then I used them crossing each other to make more varieties and also keep making the historical record every generation. Until now, I will share my experiences to you as below. I used to say that producing Adenium flowers with newer color, patterns and styles caught up with new trend is just like making up on your face. You can paint many colors on Adenium very easy by just knowing some tips and cross pollination’s technique. To make your face looks much more sexy, you’ve gotta have great cosmetics such as lipstick, powder, mascara, etc. I could say that cosmetics are just like single Adenium flower on your hands used as mother. More kinds of beautiful single flowers more make up styles which help your face get many nice different looks. For serious breeders or people in the Plant Industry would have been heard. Many people dream it would be Breeder with new and nice beautiful cultivars on your own creations.

Where do we start?
I have crossed many adeniums in the multiple sets also made every generation records in details with each set or each line for hybrid research. Then separate plants that look bad from the groups and keep newer or better hybrid that looks good for new breeding in next crossing generation. We created a range of five or F1-5, we can say that it is a pure strain then we will give new names to these new better hybrids. This is pretty steady or still high strain to produce new next hybrids. Of course, this process must take times at least a couple years to create each new hybrid or flower including stability test before release them to market but this breeding work must be very fun, happy and big proud when you see new flowers blooming with new colors and styles on your own desired trait. You have to work smart on this otherwise you would waste time for a year. Here below is what you should firstly concern before starting to make crossing.

Step1 : “Parents Choosing” Looking for mother with outstanding characteristics in the primary structure such as fresh flower colors selection on your decision, big size, flower’s productivity, unique, etc.

Step 2 : “Parents Matching” Find a Father (pollen) that is unique or special characteristics of certain structural elements of the conflict (better) from the mother such as much more simple flower abundant blooming, multi-overlapping petals (Rosy Adenium), new leave styles. This is up to your own imagination on what flower’s gonna be.

Step 3 : “Parents Healthiness” Make father and mother healthier to help father can produce stronger and more pollen and mother can have also stronger ovary. This is also including better food delivery system effect to obtain a large pods and seed richness.

Step 4 : “Smart Crossing” Do crossing very carefully to avoid self-pollination (To 'fix' certain traits in a plant, you can pollinate it with itself. Self-pollination is the action of transferring pollen from a plant onto the stigma of a flower on the same plant.) . You can see the crossing method from this link.

Step 5 : “Flower Stability’s Testing” This step is also very important. We cannot make decision when seeing new first blooming because the 2nd blooming might not be totally the same. This might come from healthiness, weather condition, media component, chemical fertilizer etc. The flower stability’s testing is very easy. You just cut and make a new grafting on another medium or large rootstock and small rootstock then noticing their 2nd blooming if they are the same flower. If yes, you can ensure their flowers are pretty stable.

“We grow Adenium with natural organic media and fertilizer, no chemical uses, so they will be almost the same like nature”. That means we won’t get any impact from chemical use impact to flower characters and structure.

Let’s think about how fun on this work, if you have many of adenium cultivars different looks with many characters in your pocket. We have over 500 adenium - single petal in our hands so we can make many Rosy Adenium styles. "The Adenium with single petal is also a key to make beautiful Rosy Adenium". That means you have to produce or use the best single petal as first step or generation before developing Rosy Adenium by using them as parents. To produce "Rosy Adenium" is very easy but to make great parent with single petal is pretty hard. I think this’s all for today and please feel free to email if you have any comments or questions. Have a nice day.