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Rosy Adenium 

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We would like to announce that we, Siam Adenium co.,ltd is certified as "Controlled Plant Exporter" and "treament" to "Europe" by our department of Agriculture (Thailand). Please see the certificate on the left side show as a Controlled Plant Exporter under the Plant Quarantine ACT B.E.2507 and Amended. That means now you can import our plants to youwith very safe and good conditions. Just have your Plant Import Permit (optional, just check with your plant quarantine services) and we'll deliver the plants to you safe and good condition plants.


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Our Nursery

Our 10 Acre Nursery is filled up with over 30,000 Arabicum and Thai Socotranum seedlings.
We first began our commercial Adenium venture in 2000 and we purchased a 10 acre property 30 kms from Bangkok, Thailand, on the site specifically for growing orchids. Over 30,000 plants in all stages of growth are housed in these facilities. . Our grand idea was to grow Adeniums in liners to supply commercial adenium operations and develop new hybrids.

The first large scale potted Adenium operation was established on Thailand, Indonesia and Taiwan. After much growing, the business finally blossomed and soon 

Over 30,000 adenium grafting plants

We select the healthy seeds harvested from our own mother plant to make sure hybrids are not mixed up.
commercial Adenium operations began popping up all over the country. Adeniums became a buzzword. Yes, there were always the established Adenium nurseries and longtime Adenium growers, but this time adeniums produced en mass became very affordable.  

Our particular focus was to raise quality seedlings and we soon discovered that we actually needed to do our own breeding in order to provide the future market with a continued supply of not only old or obsoleted cultivars but also cultivars that continued to stimulate the market. In-house breeding also 
allowed us to focus on other aspects important to the trade such as plant structure, easonality and inventory mix. Over the years we have learned a great deal about not only Adenium Obesum, 

but the business of running an Adenium Arabicum and Thai Socotranum. It's not to 

say that we have learned all we need to know, but it seems experience plays a key role when it comes to learning. We also focus on seed production. 

Today we also have our very own breeding program, laboratory, seedling operation and blooming operation. We develop new varieties to make customers much more fun and happier. The climate 

Seed Production: Our staff is organizing the hybrid zoning and preparing seed production.
and location provides the nurturing environment for the seedlings and also provides the sun environment for toughening up the more mature blooming plants. We found it advantageous to actually have two locations: northern of Thailand and Bangkok' viccinity.
Raising adeniums moved to another level when we began employing methods of growing, utilizing beneficial, health promoting systems of crop management. We are still continuing to refine our methods and monitor our successes and failures in order to achieve what we believe is the most beneficial method of cultivation for both adenium and man.

Our new Adenium Development which have over 500 cultivars now
We have discovered the joys of creation. The magical unfolding of each new generation that then again serves to provide the genes for the next. Remarkable, the world of adenium breeding continues to provide the source of new cultivars that serves as a reminder that life can be renewed. Sexually reproduced seedlings, free from viruses and filled with the vitality of a newborn, continues to be our primary focus. Your continued interest in adeniums keeps our momentum alive and we hope that you will discover the joy of the Adeniums in their fullest expression.

We are so proud that our plants won many awards in many contests here especially this "Suan Luang" Adenium Contest. "Suan Luang" 2007 Adenium Contest (The Biggest Adenium Contest in Thailand dedicated to his Majesty King Phumibol). Suan Luang Rama IX Park , a new and sizable metropolitan public park, was born out of the aspirations and fervent desire of a group of His Majesty the King'loyal subjects to create and dedicate a park as a token of homage and honour to his Majesty on the occasion of His Sixtieth Birthday Anniversary in the year B.C. 2530 (A.D.1987), with the fullest co-operation of the Bangkok Metropolitan Authority. There are 3 main contest classes categorized by hybrids (Obesum, Arabicum and Thai Socotranum) and plant height (30cms, 50 cms and over 50 cms or Giant

The Grand Champion and the 1st and winning award at Suan Luang contest with our RCN Mother plant.

The 1st Winning Award of Thai Socotranum with 30 height contest class, we use Golden Crown to join this contest
Size). There is only one biggest award "The Best Show award" means the Grand Champion plant selected and judged from each of 1st ranking from each contest class. There are over 100 Adenium plants to join this contest. We won the Grand Champion (The Best Show) with our Arabicum : Ra Chi Nee Pan Dok (RCN) or "Queen of Thousand Flowers" aged 35 years and also won the 1st winning award of RCN contest class.

Here, only RCN is seperated from other Adenium Arabicum Contest Class. The most exciting contest class is Adenium Arabicum contest with 25 cm height because many adenium players can bring them easily and not long maintaining. We also got 

The 2nd Winning Award of Thai Socotranum with 30 cm hieght Contest class
the 1st and 2nd winning award with Thai Socotranum 30 cm height contest class. We took the best of Thai Socotranum : Golden Crown to join this contest. 

Our Golden Crown has been maintained since baby seedling harvested from NSD Nursery (The owner of Thai Socotranum : Golden Crown and great partner) and for 3 years. They also have the over 50 cm height-Thai Socotranum contest class. We took our Petch Ban Na (PBN) mother plant to join and won the 3rd winning award. She is 15 years old. We have trained her for 5 years especially with her roots like "Anacondra".

The 3rd Winning Award of Thai Socotranum: Giant size or over 50 cm height contest class, we used Petch Ban Na, Mother Plant to join this contest

The 3rd Winning Award of Thai Arabicum, Giant Size Contest class, with our Petch Muang Kong
This is the most honour reward to usDon't worry if you did not come to this contest because I made the VDO for you to watch, please enjoy and hope you to visit 2008 Suan Luang Contest. Take care... Adenium Lovers 

The 2nd Winning Award of Thai Arabicum, Giant Size Contest class, with our Petch Na Wang
Our Mother Plants Collections

Here is the 1st original RCN mother plant and only one in here that we used to produce seeds and seedlings and also developed with other hybrids to make new ones.

From over 10 year-experiences, we have produced many seedlings followed with our standard such as Dwarf/Contest and Multi-Branch Form

Our Top Contest Form has been maintained for 3 years and now she is ready to join the contest.

My nursery with over 30,000 Arabicum seedlings , It's Arabicum Time!!

Our original PNW mother plant A5, A6

Our special media to make Dwarf and Contest Form

Our Contest Form' collections have been maintained from Dwarf Arabicum over 2-3 Yrs.

Our Dwarf Form seedlings are being prepared for shipping

Here are Contest Form are being to prepared for shipping as well.
Our Nursery Map

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Our Nursery

(Open Mon-Sat : 10am-17pm) 

locates in Nakorn Pathom Province, travel time 1.5 hour by taxi from central Bangkok.

Nursery Address : 83/1 Moo3 Tambon Lam Hoei, Amphur Don Tum, Nakhon Pathom 73150 

WhatsApp : +66819061992


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