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Rosy Adenium 

Why order from us?

We would like to announce that we, Siam Adenium co.,ltd is certified as "Controlled Plant Exporter" and "treament" to "Europe" by our department of Agriculture (Thailand). Please see the certificate on the left side show as a Controlled Plant Exporter under the Plant Quarantine ACT B.E.2507 and Amended. That means now you can import our plants to youwith very safe and good conditions. Just have your Plant Import Permit (optional, just check with your plant quarantine services) and we'll deliver the plants to you safe and good condition plants.


How to produce
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How do we export?

Please click here to see the steps of our adenium export to you.

We would like to introduce you with our new Adenium Bonsai Seedlings with "Muscular Root Form" (Rambo Form). We grow them by nature with organic media and fertilizer, not using any chemical substances. Due to this natural growing, our adeniums will grow like Bonsai e.g. antique skin, more branch internodes, muscular root, and more branches. Growing by natural organic method will make them grow slower 3-4 times than chemical use. Even they grow slower by nature unlike growing by chemical substances but they are stronger, healthier, and more resist with any diseases. Please see table below with our conclusion.

Adenium Bonsai Growing by Natural Organic Media


1. Stronger and Heathier

- Not get rotten inside parcel during delivery and also hard to get rotten after repotting. They will get used to with new media very fast. This must be big concern if you are SERIOUS importer.

2. Brown Antique skin

- This comes from nature growing. Your adeniums will be more beautiful with antique skin like bonsai. Growing them with chemical substance will make skin green and not wrinkle.

3. More Branch internodes & easy to do pruning to make them more beautiful

- More branch internodes, more beautilful with bonsai style. You can make more bushy branches by pruning.

4. Muscular Roots 

-Roots will get bigger and become muscular form if they don't get hit by chemical fertilizer. Roots will gradually absorb organic media and transport to all of their plant parts with balance system. Chemical use will accelerate their growing rate and make them mal-function on their habits. Roots will get bigger on first year but later they will become like tower style and get easily rotten. 5. Bushy Style 5. They will give more branches and pretty symmetric. Growing with chemical substances will make some branches get loner, bigger and hard to give more branches. Please see our Adenium Bonsai Seedling photos from Natural Organic Growing below. 

Now they are available for sale by caudex sizes and ages, please email to get the catalogue price list.


Adenium Bonsai Seedlings
Adenium Bonsai Seedlings
Adenium Bonsai Seedlings
Adenium Bonsai Seedlings
Adenium Bonsai Seedlings
Adenium Bonsai Seedlings
Adenium Bonsai Seedlings
Adenium Bonsai Seedlings
Adenium Bonsai Seedlings
Adenium Bonsai Seedlings
Adenium Bonsai Seedlings
Adenium Bonsai Seedlings