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Rosy Adenium 

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We would like to announce that we, Siam Adenium co.,ltd is certified as "Controlled Plant Exporter" and "treament" to "Europe" by our department of Agriculture (Thailand). Please see the certificate on the left side show as a Controlled Plant Exporter under the Plant Quarantine ACT B.E.2507 and Amended. That means now you can import our plants to youwith very safe and good conditions. Just have your Plant Import Permit (optional, just check with your plant quarantine services) and we'll deliver the plants to you safe and good condition plants.


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The Greatest Adenium with "TOWER" form.

The greatest Adenium "Tower" Form
Hello my friends,

Today I would like to share new world Adenium trends with Tower form. This is new hybrid from Adenium Somalense var Somalense. First, lets get to know adenium somalense first. Adenium somalense Baif. f. occurs from Somalia south through the Rift Valley into Kenya and Tanzania (Rowley, 1983). Adenium Somalense Anaconda is a new hybrid developed between Adenium Somalense and Adenium Obesum since 1990 by Mr. Somsak K (my adenium master). The original somalense leave arc is 5 to 10cm long by 18 to 25 mm wide (2-4" by 0.75- 1"), bright green and usually with white veins (Dimmitt). The Anacondra leave is narrower, dark & silver,
and more distinctive clearer white vein or skeleton on middle leaves. Anacondra mostly has one trunk tower form and give or sprout 3-5 branches on top. The caudex skin is different from original somalense with clearer caudex & branches internodes. This internode is special unique of Anacondra and very attractive point. Some can also give black skin. Anacondra can also grow up with over 20 feet comparing with normal somalense 10-15 feet tall.
Anaconda Flowers
Anaconda Flowers
The Anacondra flower is bigger than original Somalense and brighter with deep pink petal border. Anacondra has also five deep pink stripes from throat. The original Somalense flower varies from pink to deep red, and, as in A. obesum, the color fades toward the throat. The flowering period of cultivated plants is usually from autumn through early summer but is considerably influenced by culture. Actually, the characters of Anacondra as I mentioned above is not rather attractive point itself. The greatest point of Anacondra is vigorously growth rate. Why this is strongest point of Anacondra? The highest growth rate means plants can be easy to grow and higher fast

Adenium Somalense Flower' Collections

A ha! I think now you will get an idea of Anacondra benefit. Here is the answer. According to the highest sap power of Anacondra, this would help scions or grafted flower branches give better and higher blooming than other adenium hybrids rootstocks or I can say Anacondra is the best adenium rootstock for grafting use in term of heavy grafted-flower blooming. "Anaconda" top branches can also give new sprout branches easier after triming or cutting so they can be grafted more and make bushy flowers on top branches.

"Anaconda" small seedling with 1-1.5 inches caudex diameter available for sale

"Anaconda" very big seed pods

"Anaconda" seeds with 98% germination rate

Middle White Skeleton on leaf
Anacondra is a new world trend adenium form with BIG TOWER style like "Eiffel Tower" totally different from normal other chubby adenium form seen mostly in adenium world. Anacondra is great for your mansion, landscape, park or castles plant decoration. Not only "Anaconda" is attractive with "Tower" form, but it can make more beautiful with other flowers' changing by grafting its flowers instead with other beautiful adenium flowers on top of branches. That means, if you aren't happy with "Anaconda" flowers itself, we can change them to other colorful flowers by do grafting with your chosen flowers from our catalogues on them. This is our pre-order services and it takes about 30-40 days for grafting process. Just let us know your chosen flowers and we will graft them for you. Now we have Anacondra seedlings available for sale with small rootstock (1-1.5 inches and 2.5 inches caudex diameter) and also pre-order grafting plants with medium (5 feet tall) & large

"Anaconda" medium size, 1.50.0 metres tall, aged 4 years, ready rootstocks for grafting.

"Giant Tower Size", We can provide you with grafting services on your own flower selections.
Anaconda Adenium
"Medium Anaconda Tower Size"
Anaconda Adenium
"Anaconda" Large Size Grafting
Anaconda Adenium
"Anaconda" Grafting Super Blooming

"Small Size"
Seedlings, 2-2.5 inches caudex diameter, aged 1 year, great rootstocks for grafting.

"Medium Size"
1-1.50 metres tall, aged 4 years, great for showing in your house, landscape, park and resort.

"Giant Size"
1.80-2.00 metres tall, aged 4 years, great for showing in your house, landscape, park and resort.

"Giant Size"
Ready to export. We can also ship them with bare roots via container sea freight.

Our Prices

Single Flower Color Grafting

Rootstock Caudex Diameter (Inches)
Grafting : Varieties Selection (Flower Colors)
Grafting Process (Days)
Estimated Weight (KGS)
Retail Price (USD)
Wholesale Price (USD) 10 Plants Order Up
Medium Size “Anaconda” (Tower Form) Rootstock 3-4 inches caudex diameter, 1-1.5 meters height, Age 3 years
Single Color, choosing on your own flowers from our catalogues below.
306$100 or 3,200 THB$80 or 2,560 THB

Multi-Colors Flower Grafting

Medium Size “Anaconda” (Tower Form) Rootstock 3-4 inches caudex diameter, 1-1.5 meters height, Age 3 years
Multi-Color, Up to 3 chosen colors, choosing on your own flowers from our catalogues below.
306$150 or 4,800 THB$120 or 3,840 THB

Remarks: Additional 50 USD charge for new 2013 Rosy Adenium varieties grafting.

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ROSY Adenium varieties

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Just let us know what the size of Adenium rootstocks and flowers to graft on them. We need 30 days grafting process on medium size (7-8 inches caudex diameter) and 45 days on large size (12-14 inches caudex diameter) rootstocks to make sure the scions are not broken during delivery.