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Other Seeds

Growing your own flowers from seed is not only great value but can be very rewarding too. Unwins offer a wide range of flower seeds to choose from and not just annual bedding, so do try growing perennials from seed too. It is so easy to do!

Prunus cerasoides (Thai Sakura)
Thai Sakura (Prunus cerasoides D. Don) stands beautifully with its humble pink blossom blown by the wind is usually found up higher in the mountain from 1000-2000 m above sea level, especially in south of China, Japan, Taiwan, and some parts of Northern Thailand such as Doi Inthanon, Doi Chiang Dao, Huay Nam Dang, etc. The tree is about 10-15 meter high with bouquets of white and pink flower on its branches. When the leaves are withered, the flower will be in its full bloom from December to February.

Price 1 KG of seed : 150 USD

Flame Tree - Delonix Regia (Mixed Colors)
A large and attractive tree, the delonix requires full sun and lots of room in order for it to take it's natural spreading umbrella shape of bright red and orange bloom. It has several names and alias's - the flame tree, royal poinciana tree, the flamboyant tree or the delonix tree. Originating from Madagascar, it is now popularly found in large gardens, office landscapes and parks across Thailand. It can grow to an impressive 18 metres with the right conditions.

Price 1 KG of seed : 150 USD

Jacaranda filicifolia

Price per Seed : 0.03 USD, minimum order 3,000 USD

Cochlospermum regium

Price per Seed : 0.01 USD, minimum order 3,000 USD

Spathodea campanulata
Spathodea is a monotypic genus of flowering plants - with a single species, Spathodea campanulata, commonly known as the African tulip tree or Fountain tree or Flame-of-the-forest. African tulips are open and branched, evergreen trees of African forests. African Tulips produce terminal clusters of beautiful blooms held above the foliage appearing in upturned whorls at the branch tips. A few at a time, the buds of the lowest tier bend outward and open into large bell-shaped orange-red flowers with a yellow border on the petals and four brown-anthered stamens in the center. They are followed by 5-10 in green brown fingerlike pods pointing upwards and outwards above the foliage.

Price per Seed : 0.01 USD, minimum order 3,000 USD

Lagerstroemia speciosa is found in Burma (Myanmar), Indo-China, China, Thailand, Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra, Java, Borneo, the Philippines and Sulawesi; also cultivated within this region and in many other tropical countries. Lagerstroemia speciosa is a deciduous or semi-deciduous shrub or small to medium-sized or rarely large tree, which can reach up to 40(-45) m tall. The bole is fairly straight to crooked, branchless for up to 18 m, measuring up to 100(-150) cm in diametre, often fluted and sometimes with small buttresses. The surface of the bark is smooth or with small papery flakes, grey to light fawn-brown mottled, with fibrous inner bark, grey-fawn to yellow and turns dirty mauve or purple upon exposure. The crown is usually bushy and spreading.

Price per Seed : 0.01 USD, minimum order 3,000 USD

Cassia fistula
The Golden Shower Tree (Cassia fistula L.) in the family of Leguminosae is the National Flower of Thailand ; its yellow petals symbolise Thai royalty. The Royal Flora Ratchaphruek, was named after the tree, which is most often called dok khuen or ratchaphruek in Thailand In Ayurvedic medicine, Golden Shower Tree is known as aragvadha (disease killer). Its fruitpulp is used as mild laxative, against fevers, arthritis, vatavyadhi, nervous system diseases, all kinds of rakta-pitta as well as cardiac conditions and problems such as acid reflux. The root is considered a very strong purgative, and self-medication or any use without medical supervision is strongly advised against in Ayurvedic texts. The tree blooms profusely during the hot and dry season in April.

Price 1 KG of seed : 150 USD

Millingtonia hortensis
A nice looking tree with strong-sweet smelling flowers especially during a windless, warm and humid night. The bark seems like cork: rough and soft.Dried flower: smoke for treatment of asthma. Root: lung tonic, antiasthmatic; volatile active constitu­ent hispidulin, exhibits better bronchodilatic effect than aminophylline. No toxicity found.

Price 1 KG of seed : 150 USD

Tabebuia chrysantha, also known as Golden Trumpet tree, is a rounded to spreading, deciduous tree producing 5-palmate leaves with the central ones to 7 inches long. Leaves are mid-green with a light covering of hairs on the upper surfaces. Also produce trumpet-shaped, sweetly fragrant, golden yellow flowers. In general, Tabebuia makes an excellent shade, lawn, or street tree, or border plant. Well suited to the coastal garden, this plant is tolerant of salt spray. Flowers are spring flowers are bell-shaped and yellow. Grow where soil is moist and fertile in full sun. Prune after flowering if tree needs shaping.

Price per Seed : 0.01 USD, minimum order 3,000 USD

Cordia sebestena is widely planted throughout the tropics and subtropics as an Ornamental plant in gardens because of its flowers. It has dark green, oval shaped leaves, and grows oval shaped fruits that are edible, but not flavorful. Cordia sebestena tolerates drought but not frost.

Price 1 KG of seed : 150 USD

Phyllocarpus septentrionalis - Monkey Tree

Price per Seed : 0.30 USD or 1,000 USD per KG
Minimum order 3,000 USD

Tabebuia argentea - Tree of Gold
This tree is in bloom all over the city now and their spectacular yellow blossoms stand out. It is worth every effort to tend this small tree from South America and wait for it to bloom, though for a short while. It is not very attractive otherwise. The fissured trunk is seldom straight. It has drooping branches that bear long, greyish green leaves in clusters. The tree bears large clusters of bright yellow tubular flowers rendering the tree very conspicuous. The tree is not entirely leafless when in bloom.

Price per Seed : 0.01 USD, Minimum order 3,000 USD

Cassia bakeriana Seeds of this Cassia bakeriana or Pink Shower Tree. Native to SE Asia, Pink shower tree is a showy ornamental tree. Pink flowers, which resemble the yellow flowers of the Indian Laburnum, appear as if the long branches were wrapped in them, attracting bees and butterflies. Requires regular irrigation. Wind resistant, since branches are very flexible. Perfect choice for small yards and patios, nice container plant. Zones 9-12.

Price 1 KG of seed : 150 USD

Cassia grandis
Common name: Pink Shower Tree. Native to Central America. Beautiful tree with thick clusters of salmond pink flowers that usually blooms in the spring. It is easily grown from seed and can reach a height of over 50 feet. Can be used as an indoor container...

Price 1 KG of seed : 150 USD

Cassia Javanica
Also known as: The Pink & White Shower Tree. This is just another one of those spectacular trees in the world that we are excited to offer from Indonesia! Drooping stems, some more than 20 feet long, are covered by masses of large pink flowers with bright yellow stamens that have an unusual apple-like fragrance, hence the name Pink Shower Tree. This tree does have a long blooming season! Once established it will require full sun and plenty of room to develop its broad canopy. Does not tolerate temps below 25 degrees, but is said to grow well in a large pot.

Price 1 KG of seed : 150 USD

Thevetia peruviana
An easily grown tree with 2" fragrant yellow flowers and numerous thin leaves similar to oleander. Although native to tropical regions it may easily be grow indoors with bright light. Its a 30' tree that can be pruned to very small sizes - Frequently seen as 6' ornamentals. When the large triangle shaped seeds germinate they frequently produce 2-3 stems. Rapid grower. Seeds are poisonous if eaten.

Price 1 KG of seed : 150 USD

Cassia surattensis
This is a dependable and impressive small flowering tree or large shrub. It's very easy to grow, fast and trouble free and a favorite of butterflies. In warm conditions it will Flower year round.

Price per Seed : 0.01 USD, Minimum order 3,000 USD

Caesalpinia pulcherrima
This beautiful treelet, whose place of origin is unknown, is sometimes called Dwarf Poinciana due to the resemblence of its flowers and leaves to those of Gulmohar. They are botanically related but Peacock flower plant grows only to a height of about 3 meters, retains its leaves throughout the year, and blooms continuously. Flowers, which appear in clusters on long erect stems, are smalled than those of Gulmohar and have exceptionally long stamens and a prominent pistil which protrudes from the center. The most common color is red-orange, but one variety has pure yellow flowers. I personally have the both colors in my collection. The Redish Orange is very attractive in both.

Price per Seed : 0.01 USD, Minimum order 3,000 USD

Lipstick Tree, Bixa orellana,
is also known as Annatto and bears a very striking seed pod treasured for use in dried floral arrangements. Seeds produce a spice used for flavouring and colouring in foods, fabrics, etc. South American tribes used colouring from the seeds to paint their bodies. Folk use as a remedy for dysentery, epilepsy, fevers and internal parasites. Aphrodisiac and anti-inflammatory. Pink flowers that attract bees to the garden. Annato is also known as False Damiana and Orellana Annato is indigenous to the West Indies and tropical America. Requires hot, humid, tropical and subtropical climates. Drought and frost tender. An evergreen tree, growing to 10m x 3m.

Price per Seed : 0.01 USD, Minimum order 3,000 USD

Bauhinia acuminata
Common name: Dwarf White Orchid Tree, Snowy Orchid Tree. Beautiful large shrub or small tree with spectacular white butterfly-like flowers. Native to the tropical regions of southeastern Asia, probably Malaysia or Indonesia. The white flowers look like snowflakes hanging on the branches. Still rare in cultivation, but it is an easily grown subtropical shrub that does well in Florida or a container plant. It is a popular ornamental landscape item in tropical regions growing to about 15 feet. It is very sensitive to cold. Easy to grow from seeds. Grow in full sun to light shade with moderate watering year round.


Price per Seed : 0.01 USD, Minimum order 3,000 USD

Tabebuia rosea
Tall, erect, fast growing forest tree, up to 30 m (100 ft) high, with straight bole and wide crown; provides some of the most spectacular bursts of flowers seen anywhere, with its full tree, "big boom" type floral display; compound leaves opposite, digitate (like a hand), with 3-5 ovate leaflets, often leafless at flowering; the beautiful, pink flowers are trumpet shaped, in large clusters, with flowering in April/May, the latter part of dry season, and flowering beginning as early as 3 years; fruit an elongated, bilocular capsule15-20 cm long (6-8 in) and about 12 mm wide (0.5 in), with winged seed; a most beautiful tree when flowering, which, unfortunately, ends much too soon.

Price per Seed : 0.01 USD, Minimum order 3,000 USD